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Forcing Internet Explorer Compatability Mode within HTML for SharePoint 2013

internet_explorer_9_icon_svgIf you work in an environment that has multiple versions of Internet Explorer and trying to support SharePoint 2013, you will need to add a simple HTML tag to your master page/custom master page in order to be truly backwards compatible especially if you have IE 8 or IE 9 in your environment.

Place this tag in your <head></head> section in your start page.

<meta http-equiv=”x-ua-compatible” content=”ie=edge”>

This will help with forward and backwards compatibility.

Please TEST in your test/development environment(s) first before applying to your production site.




Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility View

There are times where I need to view a website but the website is not ready for Internet Explorer 9.  But how can I change Internet Explorer 9 so that I can view it in compatibility mode?

Well in Internet Explorer 9, the location is buried.  So I am writing this blog post so I can reference it.  I am sure there are other fellow technologists out there that need the same information.  I hope this helps people out.

[box]1. Right Click on the sprocket on the top-right hand side.

2. Checkmark Command bar. (You should now see the command bar.)

3. Choose Tools ==> Then Compatibility View Settings.

4. Then Kapow! You are now view it in other IE settings. [/box]