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Surface Pro 2 is now my primary machine

MS-Surface-Pro-2 I love this little beast.  It’s versatile, light, and has the hardware to do my everyday work.

I have various means to provision servers in the cloud.  So I do not need a high-end Intel I7 chip set with 32 GB of RAM so I can have development environments on my laptop.  Besides, Windows Server 2012 R2 Hypervisor is free and I can spin up virtual servers on my home server if need be as well.

What I like:

– Portability.  It’s light and it has a small footprint in a board room meeting.

– Office 2013 Writing Features – There are times where I use pen and paper to write down notes in a meeting if I didn’t get a chance to grab my laptop.  So I always state; I will write it down and type it into OneNote later.  This percentage of completion is not the greatest.  Also, it’s twice the work and its inefficient by writing down the same information twice.  Now I can write (with the pen) or type at the very moment it happens. Saves time!

– User Groups/Events.  It’s nice to have a portable device at events so I am loaded down with a bulky laptop to take notes nor have a bulky device just to have a PowerPoint presentation.

– OneDrive.  200 GB of space in included This is on top of my 107 GB space I got from February 2014.  And I got another 20 GB with my Office365 subscription.  A total of 327 GB of OneDrive space.

– Skype Premium.  I am a big Skype user.  The app for your mobile phone is vital to save minutes on your phone plans.  I got my Skype Premium account extended for 12 months that is included on my purchase.  Yes please!

– USB 3.0.  I purchased a 3 port USB hub with an RJ-45 jack so I can hard wire into a network.  So I can run fast backups to my portable hard drives/USB thumb drives.

– PowerShell 3.0 and ISE.  PowerShell is my primary command line tool of choice.  The PowerShell 3.0 ISE is a must have for all the various work tasks I perform on a daily basis.

– Visual Studio 2013. The little beast can handle Visual Studio 2013. This is the most impressive thing I have thrown at the Surface.  I can compile and deploy very quickly to localhost or a remote environment.

– SQL Server Management Studio 2014.  Another area I am impressed.  I have the ability

What I do not like at the moment:

– Fiber Keyboard.  My hands are too big for this keyboard.  I will probably get a wireless keyboard so my gorilla knuckles can type away.

– Windows 8 App screen.  The April 2014 Windows 8.1 update will allow me to go back to the Windows 7 screen.  Yes, Yes, and Yes!

In conclusion:  I never thought a tablet could ever meet my expectation.  I know the Samsung tablets are getting powerful and helping to gain market share against the Apple IPad.  But being a long time Microsoft supporter, this device integrates everything into one solution.



Setting up a SMTP service in Microsoft Azure



I am part of a project team that is building a custom Windows 8 application that is leveraging Microsoft Azure.



My project role is multi-tenant infrastructure architect.  This role curtails:

  • Infrastructure as a service design.  To maximize performance while balancing cost in Microsoft Azure.
  • To perform a detail security analysis on all points of data in motion and data at rest.

One of my task items on the project is to come up with a SMTP solution.  My first thought as a system administrator is to leverage a virtual server and enable SMTP as a service.

However, my thinking is changing with the times.  J  Now there are apps for system administrators.

So I looked in the Azure store and found SendGrid.  After doing some internet searches; there have been positive comments about this SMTP application.
















I have activated this application in my Azure subscription. Below are my steps.

Open up the Azure Dashboard, click New, select Store and then choose SendGrid from the App Services Add-ons list.
















We will not be sending over 25,000 emails a month so the free subscription will fit our current business needs.








The subscription will be tied in with your monthly billing.

I welcome any feedback.

~ Tony Maddin ~


March 1, 2012 Cincinnati SharePoint User Group


Date: March 1, 2012

Time: 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Location: MaxTrain, Mason, Ohio


My topic for the evening:  Managed Metadata Services – Real World experiences how to leverage the feature within SharePoint from a PowerUser and Administrator point-of view!

SharePoint 2010 Attach Content Database – Alerts not working now FIXED

So I took a SharePoint 2007 SP2 compliant and tested content database and placed it into a SharePoint 2010 enviornment.  All the content was there.  The permissions were fine.  However, by database attachment went to a new SharePoint 2010 web application that had a different URL name.

Example: SP 2007 content database was attached to

This URL change throws off alerts.  You can delete the alerts and add them back in but that is just crazy to think about that scenario.  And guess what…..there is a PowerShell commandlet to fix this issue. But unfortately, this answer is buried on search engines.

Anyway, there is the PowerShell commandlet.

[box]Invoke-AlertFixup -site <NewURL> -oldurl <OldURL> [/box]

Here is the exact Technet article to reference.

SharePoint 2007 Error Message and Fix

Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040E14 error appeared on my SharePoint 2007 environment this weekend.

There are a variety of blogs I have found that fixes this issue.  Each one stating the same thing.

[box type=”info”]1. Check the drive space for the SQL server logs for SharePoint. Clean out the space.

2. Check the drive space for the SQL server data files for SharePoint. Clean out the space.[/box]

This fixed my issue.  I just wanted to pass along to my SharePoint community.  🙂

A great Open Source Application

  A buddy of mine, Jason Lambert, at work recommended a great open source software package called, “Portable Apps.” From website. You will need a spare USB drive. I recommend a minimum 4 GB USB flash drive. But the amount of free software is unreal.

You get Open Office (a free office style software suite), KeepSafe (a encrypted password safe), Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.

I highly recommend this download and it’s totally free.

Go to to get a copy of it. Enjoy! Tony