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DAYSPUG turns 3 years old!

Dayspug-Logo-2It seems like yesterday.  We had some great speakers, topics, and a national SharePoint Saturday Dayton event.

Please visit our website at for more information.


SharePoint Saturday Dayton a success!

2012_SPS_Logo_300I am very proud to announce the first annual SharePoint Saturday Dayton was a success!

The turn out was pretty decent.  However, we had a nasty storm come through on Friday, June 29, 2012 that brought about a lot of weather related damage and power outages in the area.

This contributed to perhaps a few people not being able to attend.  However, the people that did register and was able to arrive at the event seemed to have a great time.



I personally want to thank the SharePoint Saturday Dayton committee members who made this happen.  This was a team effort!

  • Stacy Deere
  • Sean McDonough
  • Mike Smith
  • Angela Koch
  • Clint Richardson
  • Nikole Maddin
  • Stephanie Donahue
  • Allison Chirstman
  • Brittany Strole

Thank you all!!!

Tony Maddin

SharePoint Saturday Dayton

SharePointSaturdaySmallI have always thought about wanting to do a SharePoint Saturday in Dayton, Ohio while I was starting the Dayton SharePoint User Group. 

I am very happy to announce the SharePoint Saturday event is stopping here in Dayton, Ohio for the first time.  This is not just a “me” thing to make this happen.  I am very fortunate to have met and teamed up with a great group of passionate and dedicated people to form a committee to make this event a success. 

Date:  June, 30, 2010