FIX for Hyper-V Windows 8 Error “Failed while adding virtual Ethernet switch connections”

Hyper-v_logoAs I am building my Windows 8 – Hyper V environment to support my various SharePoint servers, I ran into an issue while creating an External switch in my Hyper-V Switch Manager.  I ran into an issue while creating an External Switch and attaching it to my WiFi adapter on my laptop.

**Please note: I take no responsiblity for your computer/laptop if it breaks. I did this scenario on my work laptop to support my project work. Please follow my steps with caution.

Failed while adding virtual Ethernet switch connections.

So here was my work around:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Go to Hardware and Sound
  • Go to Device Manager (Under Devices and Printers Tab) – Run as Administrator
  • Go to Network Adapters – Look for your WiFi adapter/device.
  • Next, right click on it and click uninstall. (Keep the driver.)
  • Next, right click on Network Adapters – Click SCAN FOR CHANGES

(Your WiFi adapter should reappear.)
Reboot your machine.

Next, when I rebooted my laptop; I had to resupply the WiFi password for my connection. I got back on the network.

Then when I create the External Network Switch; I did not receive an error.

If you want to follow a great guide on how to build a SharePoint Farm on Windows 8, please go to my good friend’s blog, SharePoint Ryan!

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