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March 1, 2012 Cincinnati SharePoint User Group


Date: March 1, 2012

Time: 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Location: MaxTrain, Mason, Ohio


My topic for the evening:  Managed Metadata Services – Real World experiences how to leverage the feature within SharePoint from a PowerUser and Administrator point-of view!

SharePoint Saturday Dayton

SharePointSaturdaySmallI have always thought about wanting to do a SharePoint Saturday in Dayton, Ohio while I was starting the Dayton SharePoint User Group. 

I am very happy to announce the SharePoint Saturday event is stopping here in Dayton, Ohio for the first time.  This is not just a “me” thing to make this happen.  I am very fortunate to have met and teamed up with a great group of passionate and dedicated people to form a committee to make this event a success. 

Date:  June, 30, 2010





WinMerge is a great, open source tool that can run on the Windows platform.

How does this help you with SharePoint Administration?  An example is to compare web.config files.

The tool can highlight what line or lines of code are different between the files in comparison. 

There are any other uses.  Please visit the website for more information and free download.

Tony Maddin

March 2012 Meeting


The March 2012 monthly meeting will be a lightning talk format.  What does this mean?

“Lighting Round” meeting where everyone is welcome to submit a proposal to speak for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.   It allows for people to share various experiences within the SharePoint environment for all members of the audience can learn.

Please visit the Dayton SharePoint User Group website for more information:

PowerShell Saturday


The Central Ohio PowerShell Users Group is putting together the first ever PowerShell Saturday event.

Date:  March 10, 2012

Please visit the website for more information about the user group and registration for this event.

I plan on being in attendance for this one day, $10 event.  (The fee covers your boxed lunch for the day.)

Cincy SPUG February 2012

Mike Smith Photo

Mike Smith (picture on the left) a MCT, SharePoint MVP, many other acronyms along with the Cincinnati SharePoint User Group committee once again put together a great learning atmosphere for the monthly meeting at the Cincinnati SharePoint User Group.

I am using one of the items I learned from the meeting.  It’s called, Windows Live Writer from Microsoft.  It’s an online editor that can tie into various types of blog websites.

My blog runs on WordPress and I have to say it was really simple to connect and use.  I have now used the tool to clean up formatting issues I had with my other posts on this blog.

The meeting’s theme was Lightning Talks with audience participation.  I left the meeting with a few more tidbit and tricks.

Please visit Mike Smith’s blog for information and buy his book!


The toolset has been around for sometime for public and commercial use.

This toolset if fantastic in my opinion.  While working with clients and client workstations I may not have all the physical computer options such USB, FTP, etc.

This website and toolset is a great alternative so I can transfer various files from my laptop to my client’s network to continue conducting business to completion.

The website and toolset is free to sign up and use.  The free use is up to 2GB of storage on the website.  However, you can pay a monthly fee to expand it.

I will add this toolset to the TONYMADDIN.COM resources area.

Dayton Microsoft IT Pro Camp


January 18, 2012 – Dayton, Ohio.  – The Dayton Area Network Professional Association put together a great one day event.  The vibe during the entire event was great and people seem to really enjoy the information and networking opportunities that were presented for the day. 


I was very fortunately to be selected as a presenter during one of the day’s SharePoint session tracks.   My topic I chose for the day was, “How to organize the document clutter in your SharePoint environment.”  Also, DANPA was generous to give me a DAYSPUG booth for the event so I can continue spreading the word about the Dayton SharePoint User Group.

Photo Jan 18, 8 00 46 AM

Photo Jan 18, 9 17 43 AM


I will upload my presentation to Slide soon.