How to add Content Type to a SharePoint 2010 Wiki Library

 I wanted to use content types to drive navigation to a Wiki Library in SharePoint 2010.  I thought this would be the same thing just like any plain ole’ Document Library.  But no its not.  🙂  It’s buried and I happen to find it by trial and error.

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Go to the default home page of the wiki site. It is usually named, “Home.aspx” Edit the page.

Add a web part.

I used the Wiki Library I created as the item to add to the page.

In SharePoint 2010 in the ribbon, you will see new areas. Editing Tools, Library Tools, and Web Part Tools.

In the Library Tools area, you can now get to the proper Document Library Property page.

Now you can modify the Wiki Library as a Document Library have the content types in the library.


Contact me if you have questions about this information.

Here is the Microsoft Forum that I placed my information to help out the user community. 

Believe me, I rely on this community all the time.  It feels good when I can give back.

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