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SharePoint Saturday – Columbus, Ohio

I have my ticket and plan to be in attendance to SharePoint Saturday on August 14th in Columbus, Ohio.

Here is the official link.

A great Open Source Application

  A buddy of mine, Jason Lambert, at work recommended a great open source software package called, “Portable Apps.” From website. You will need a spare USB drive. I recommend a minimum 4 GB USB flash drive. But the amount of free software is unreal.

You get Open Office (a free office style software suite), KeepSafe (a encrypted password safe), Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.

I highly recommend this download and it’s totally free.

Go to to get a copy of it. Enjoy! Tony

Best Home Server Ever Fit-PC2 by CompuLabs




 The Fit-PC2 by CompuLabs is a great home server.  Why?  The design of being small, compact makes it ideal to have it anywhere in your home office.  The device only needs 6 to 10 watts of power!!!  When the device is in hypernation mode it only needs 1 watt of power.  That rocks!  Finally, it runs Ubuntu Linux.  So this means you get the latest and greatest in free, powerful software.  Yeah, Windows pays my bills.  But for a server you want running 24/7 that is at your finger tips as a file server, you cannot beat this little beast.  to view more information.

July 2010 SharePoint COSPUG

In attendance at the COSPUG in Columbus, Ohio. Tonight’s topic Lightning Talks.